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How Entrepreneurs Can Create Meaningful Impact through Philanthropy, Part I

Run Your Non-Profit Like a Start-Up A three-part series showing alternative paths to the traditional model of making a boatload of money at all costs and then giving it away. Contributed to EO by Brandon Hatton, an EO Accelerator participant in Miami who founded Conscious Wealth to provide wealth management services that help people live with purpose and create

2023-10-05T18:09:09+00:00June 15th, 2023|

Beyond Profit: How Sustainability Shapes the Legacy of My Chocolate Company

Several months ago, I announced a big goal publicly: my company, Seattle Chocolate, would be carbon negative by 2024. It was ambitious, bold, and seemingly out of reach—which is precisely how I knew it was the right goal to set. Sustainability is a key focus for my business today, but it wasn’t always the case. Like

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