Project Description

Use LinkedIn InMail to grow your network and connect with opportunity. Learn about InMail credits and find tips for writing effective InMail messages to increase your response rates.

You can send an InMail to a LinkedIn member from the introduction card on their profile. InMail credits allow you to send messages directly to members you’re not connected with.

To send an InMail:

Navigate to the profile of the LinkedIn member you’d like to send an InMail.
Click the Message button in the introduction card.
If you have a Basic (free) account, you must upgrade to a Premium account to use InMail credits.
If you have a Premium Career, Premium Business, or any other legacy type of Premium subscription and want more InMail credits than the number you’ve been allotted, you can always purchase additional InMails.
If you have a Premium subscription but your credit card on file has expired, you’ll first need to update your payment information before you can send an InMail.
Compare account types to find an account that meets your needs.
Learn more about InMail expiration and renewal.

Note: It’s not possible to purchase additional InMail credits outside of the monthly allotment for Sales Navigator.

You don’t need to use InMail to send messages to your 1st-degree connections. Just click the button in the top section of your connection’s profile that reads Message. Learn more about sending messages to connections.

InMail Crediting and Renewal Process

To ensure our members receive high-quality InMail messages and that communication is a positive experience for everyone, we follow an InMail crediting process that we’ve outlined below.

You’ll receive a new allotment of InMail credits every month, on the first day of your billing cycle. This InMail credit auto-renewal date is independent of the date you were assigned a Sales Navigator seat, or the date of your initial sign-up.

Note: You can also accumulate InMail credits from month to month, but they will expire after 90 days. InMail is a Premium subscriber benefit. Any InMail balance will become zero when a Premium subscription is canceled.

Understanding credits for InMail messages with and without responses

Once you send an InMail message to a member you’re not connected to, you can’t send another InMail to them until they respond to the first message you sent. Keep in mind that an automatic reminder is sent to the recipient within three days of the InMail being sent.

InMail messages that don’t receive a response will not get credited back. However, you will receive an InMail credit for every InMail message that receives a response within 90 days of the send date.

As part of the LinkedIn messaging experience, auto-replies to InMail messages also count as a response. “Interested” and “Maybe later” are reflected as accepted messages, while “Not interested” is recorded as declined. All three responses are eligible for a credit back. You’ll receive the credit back immediately once the recipient responds.

Monthly InMail allotment per account type

This is the number of InMail credits you receive on a monthly basis:

Career: 5
Business: 15
Sales Navigator: 20
Recruiter Lite: 30

This is the maximum number of credits you can accumulate in total:

Career: 15
Business: 45
Sales Navigator: 60
Recruiter Lite: 90

The InMail compose window will display the number of InMail credits left on your account, so you can easily view your current allotment.

Learn more about purchasing additional InMail credits for your Premium account .