oaquin Cordero, Rom LaPointe and David Loaney elected to three-year terms on the nonprofit organization’s Global Board of Directors, beginning FY2023-2024

19 December, 2022(Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.) – The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is proud to announce three new Directors-Elect to its Global Board for three-year terms that begin 1 July 2023. Joaquin Cordero (EO Guatemala), Rom LaPointe (EO Detroit) and David Loaney (EO Arizona) are each longtime members of the nonprofit organization. They were chosen by EO’s current Global Board during its November meeting and ratified last week by EO’s international community of members. Together, the incoming directors’ 40 years of collective service across the network have contributed to its growth at the local, regional and global levels.

EO Global Chair, Marc Stöckli congratulated the three leaders and explained how selection of future EO Board Directors is one of the board’s most important functions, saying, “It is our opportunity to set EO up for success for years to come.”

Stöckli added that the selection process was the most competitive one yet in EO’s history: “The quality and record number of candidates we considered made selection incredibly difficult, but stood out as an encouraging sign of our member-leaders’ ongoing commitment to growth, learning, and service to EO. Ultimately we selected three members with proven track records of servant leadership at every level of the organization, and who we believe will be effective in leading the organization through a period of growth and change.”

Founded in 1987, EO is an international membership network of 16,000+ diverse business founders and owners, organized into nearly 220 chapters across more than 70 countries. EO is governed by members who volunteer to serve the organization as active contributors, advancing along a path of leadership that begins at the local chapter level, expands regionally, and culminates with service to its Global Board. The progression helps strengthen business owners as global influencers and peer leaders.

EO Chief Executive, Dr. Carrie Santos also congratulated the new Directors-Elect and said, “Each of these exceptional EO member-leaders brings a unique life experience and perspective that will help us grow EO’s global influence and impact on individual entrepreneurs and their communities.”

The incoming leaders are:

  • Joaquin ‘Quini’ Cordero has been a member of EO Guatemala since 2012 and is a leader in the advertising and media industry as founder and Chief Culture Officer of Lumen. He is currently EO’s Regional Chair for the Latin American/Caribbean region. Quini believes entrepreneurs can move the world forward by “inspiring and leading others to find their own purpose through entrepreneurship and by using their time to serve others.”
  • Rom LaPointe has served as CEO for 10 privately held companies since 1995 and is currently CEO of Capricorn Leadership, a privately-owned executive coaching business that he founded in 2015. An EO Detroit member since 2006, Rom has held an array of leadership roles including Leadership Committee Chair and Strategy Summit Subcommittee Chair. Rom believes that “entrepreneurs make the world a better place because we solve problems that cannot necessarily be solved by governments or large corporations.”
  • David Loaney has been an EO Arizona member since 2008. He founded multiple companies and is currently a founding partner of Fresh Start Funding, which provides loans for legal services throughout the United States. Dave has held various board positions and is currently in his fourth year on EO’s Standing Finance Committee, having concurrently served as US West Regional Finance Director. Dave views EO as “the premier organization for entrepreneurship in the world today,” and as a Board Director aspires to “guide the network toward exponential and globally-diverse growth over the next decade”.

In their future role as EO Global Board Directors, the three leaders will help refine EO’s long-term strategy, future-proof its organizational structure and safeguard its financial sustainability, while embodying its purpose of moving the world forward by unlocking the full potential of entrepreneurs.

Santos said: “We look forward to partnering with these three new Directors and the rest of our dedicated and talented Global Board to help chart a path toward EO’s continued growth and influence as a learning lab for tomorrow’s finest entrepreneur-leaders.”

Completing their EO leadership journeys and years of Global Board service next year, Ajay Agarwal (EO Chennai), Marc Stöckli (EO Zurich) and Sharan Valiram (EO Malaysia) will transition out of their respective roles on 30 June 2023. Current Director Lynn Anstett (EO Cincinnati) will become EO Global Chair.



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Learn more about EO’s three incoming global board members:

Joaquín ‘Quini’ Cordero

Member, EO Guatemala

A founder of companies in technology, content, marketing and communications, Guatemalan entrepreneur Joaquín Cordero has learned first-hand that people are at the heart of any business’s success. Quini, as he likes to be called, has made his mark in the fast-paced industry of advertising and media, prioritizing work-life balance, appreciation, and well-being for his team and himself at Lumen, of which he is founder, owner and Chief Culture Officer.

He has been active in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) since joining in 2012, holding a number of positions in his local chapter, EO Guatemala, and volunteering for a series of increasing responsibilities that have seen him consistently rise in EO’s Path of Leadership. In 2016-17, he was Communications Director, before becoming Member Experience Director in 2019 and Regional Chair in 2021. Quini also helped run EO’s School of Presidents in Latin America and the Caribbean, and completed study in the EO members-only Global Leadership Academy in 2015 and Regional Leadership Academy in 2022.

Quini lives in Guatemala City with his wife and daughter and joins EO’s global board for a three-year term as Director in July, 2023.

Rom LaPointe
Member, EO Detroit

EO membership has become a way of life for Rom LaPointe, opening doors to leadership, travel and friendship opportunities he never dreamed of as a youth raised in urban Detroit. A business coach and advisor to CEOs, leadership teams and boards, Rom is CEO of Capricorn Leadership, the executive coaching business he founded in 2015. A serial entrepreneur, Rom has served as CEO for 10 privately held companies since 1995. He has been a member of EO Detroit since 2006 and held numerous leadership positions including chapter president, Central U.S. Area Director, and Global Leadership Committee Chair.

Rom believes strongly that entrepreneurs make the world a better place because they solve problems that cannot necessarily be solved by governments or large corporations. He has found that EO enhances the entrepreneurial journey by providing opportunities to collaborate and forge friendships across cultures and borders. The son of a Teamster labor union member, Rom was the first in his family to graduate from college, earning his BS in scientific and technical communication from Michigan Technological University.

Rom and his wife, Kerry, live outside of Detroit, Michigan, US and have four children.

David ‘Dave’ Loaney

Member, EO Arizona

David ‘Dave’ Loaney has found time and again that the power of a positive mindset is the key to creating opportunity and overcoming adversity. After a serious life-altering accident at the age of 25 and steering his young semiconductor company through the challenging, post-9/11, economic landscape, Dave consistently harnessed his courage and confidence to forge ahead. Today, Dave is a successful business leader with an impressive resume in both the corporate world and in entrepreneurship. He has worked for large corporate enterprises such as Arthur Andersen, Pillsbury and Apple, founded and sold multiple companies himself, and maintains varied business interests in real estate, motor sports and agricultural ventures.

An EO member since 2008, Dave’s business acumen, achievements and experience gave him the drive to embark upon EO’s successive Path of Leadership, beginning at the local level by volunteering as the Integration Chair for EO Arizona (2009-10) and ultimately serving as chapter president in 2013. Dave has served a dual role for the last three years as both the US West Regional Finance Director and the US West Liaison to the Standing Finance Committee. Currently he is in his fourth year on the Standing Finance Committee and has been very involved in various SFC teams including heading up the Investment Subcommittee.

Dave lives in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA) with his fiancé, Lori.