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Paul Wayne

Paul Wayne – Founder 

Paul completed his MBA at Cranfield where he focused on developing start-ups and has taken a keen interest in ventures focused on helping other start-ups.

Paul has become the consummate, international Business Networking Expert. His work has taken him across the globe and he has developed business networks into global brands, serviced by 30+ staff who have then expanded the operation across most continents and regions. He is self taught, results driven, a passionate marketing professional, and constantly leverages his wealth of experience in order to help organisations and their leaders achieve their objectives.

He is a hands on CEO with a proven track record in building successful businesses and virtual business models. He is still very interested in early-stage technology start- ups as well as companies “on the bubble, ” and is often asked to advise or consult on such matters.

Paul also coaches and mentors entrepreneurs around the world, working with organisations of all sizes – from start-ups to businesses which turn from £1 million to £100 million. He has worked in more or less every corner of the world – Europe, the Americas , the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia – and he genuinely thrives in diverse business and cultural environments.

As well as being an experienced entrepreneur, Paul is also a business angel with a passion for supporting UK high-tech start-ups. He has invested in and provided support to more than 60+ companies.

Team - Neil Wood

Neil Wood 

Neil came to the region in 2006 as global VP for DMG energy which includes 3 of the largest events in the world for 10,000+ clients covering 250,000m2 and an audience of more than 100,000 energy professionals ; ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Gastech (globally peripatetic) and the global petroleum show in Calgary, Canada, plus 15-events in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

With 25+ years of experience as a divisional director in large public companies, his experience covers numerous P&L’s across segments as diverse as technology, energy, education, retail, industrial and financial markets.

Understanding how to access markets, people and finance is a key element of his experience and having married into the Arabic culture he has a closer understanding of the approaches required when opening discussions and concluding deals in the region.

8point advisory is the result of over 50-years combined knowledge and experience in the region from the founders and decades more from the 43-advisors working in situ in companies in key sectors.

His key responsibilities include deal attraction, selection, and management, as well as growing and managing our rapidly expanding investor network.

Our Team - Leroy Durward

Leroy Durward 

Leroy has coming up 20-years of experience throughout the MENA region within retail, marketing, and distribution.

This started in 1998 when opening the first international non-grocery retailer in Egypt with the toys ‘r’ us (Al Futtaim Group) and grew to establish retailers, distribution channels and partnerships throughout the g.c.c. and levant for the largest interactive video game distributor in the region.

Most recently Leroy established one of the largest outdoor play toy distributors in the middle east and has won multiple trade marketing and distribution awards over the last 8 years. Leroy has solid e-commerce marketing and operational experience augmented by his years of ’bricks&mortar’ retail management on both the supply-side and sell-through perspective.

Responsible for sales of $100m+ in the region, Leroy brings extensive and deep experience in developing successful revenue chains for small, medium and the world’s largest companies.

His key responsibilities include deal attraction, selection, and management, as well as growing and managing our rapidly expanding investor network.

Our Team - Sam Armitage

Sam Armitage 

Sam has 15+ years experience in the middle east across all business media platforms including the ft as regional manager, the region’s largest radio network and fully engaged in the launch and success of the region’s major business news resource.

From 2012 his business became a key driver in developing the seamless integration between clients and programming/content, providing a service to clients planning to localize their content to fit with the Arabic culture of the middle east.

The success of this business has led to helping grow the 8 point advisory business as a joint partner, bringing enormous knowledge to clients on how best to develop content, platforms, social media, pipelines, and revenues with companies as diverse as large-scale family businesses to smaller-scale specialists in numerous sectors.

As importantly sam brings a lot of creativity to the business, seeing opportunities which are not always obvious but which have brought great success due to his innovative take on the market.