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The benefits of social media recruiting

Not that long ago, if you had said you would be fishing for potential recruitment candidates on Facebook you’d have been laughed out of town. Well, that’s all changed. Today, finding skilled, talented candidates using social media sites is as viable as using more traditional methods, such as jobs boards, advertising, networking, word-of-mouth or cold-calling. [...]

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Networking Essentials to Build Your Client Base

Networking used to mean gathering in a room for a little face time to exchange cards and chat over drinks or a meal. Today, networking is a lot easier. It's as simple as tapping your mobile device and logging into the specific social-media platform of a potential client. I've even heard about business deals starting and [...]

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Bridging the gap between your business and the Middle East.

Any business committing to the region will have to spend money, but the question is how best to spend it, in which direction and at what return? Whether using a trade show, operating a distribution relationship, coming to the region direct every couple of months or establishing a business in a FTZ or with a [...]

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Would you like a senior executive to join your board as a ‘guest observer’ for 12 months for free ?

If you are UK Company looking for new ways to drive business growth and increase profits, we can help. Having worked with a wide range of SMEs and privately-owned businesses, we know first-hand that CEOs and Chairs are seeking to diversify boardrooms, improve strategic operational delivery, develop high performance teams, expand into new markets, innovate [...]

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